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As you probably know, many technical advances have been made over the last 20 years. The one who undoubtedly has the most influence must be the Internet. Nothing has changed our lives as much as the Internet. The world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web. Just think of social networks, advanced communications such as Skype and MSN, or new ways of disseminating information. Twenty years ago, we had to rely on journalists to be there when something happened. Now, locals will tell us everything we want to know about blogs and from there, the news will spread on the Web.

One of the developments that come with Internet and networking is called “Remote PC Access”. Remote PC Access is essentially a way to access a computer other than your own and to use it as you wish, sitting in front of you. The type of access you have to a computer varies and depends on the software. This ranges from simply viewing the “client” screen to absolute control, or even locking the person actually sitting in front of the customer’s computer.

Depending on the extent of your access and control of the client computer, the tasks associated with Remote Desktop software also vary. It can be used through the support staff of software publishers. Suppose you have a problem with the software you bought. You can call the help desk of the company from which you purchased it and they will help you configure the remote access software so that your screen becomes visible. Now they can see the problem for themselves and you do not have to try to explain it to them. It’s much more effective than having to guess your problem and tell you how to solve it.

Another way to apply remote desktop software is to use it to improve the efficiency of your employees. Let’s say you are the manager of 20 employees who all work on their own computer. Using remote desktop software will help your business in 3 ways: First, you will see if your employees are actually doing what they are supposed to do. Only in this spirit, your employees will become more productive. Secondly, when one of your employees needs your help or needs to show you something, he will be able to show you everything without you having to leave wherever you are at that time. Third, teamwork will reach a whole new level. Everyone will be able to work together in new dimensions such that the level of productivity will increase significantly.

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