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Easy Way to Screw Up Your Software Investment

You can spend millions on the most up-to-date and successful enterprise software for managing your business. However, if the daily users of this software do not fully understand how to get the most out of it, you have wasted your investment. The new software will increase little or no productivity in your workforce and may make things worse. Your people will be frustrated and develop a bad attitude towards the system. This is especially true for less technology-savvy employees How many times have you heard one of your customers or suppliers complain on the phone that their system is slow or hard to find information? If your experience is like mine, you hear it a lot. What message does it send about their business? Either their software is ugly, or their staff is too stupid to use it. Sometimes both are true, but most often, people are just not trained properly.

A good example of this is a small company I worked for that upgraded their enterprise software after 20 years of working with custom software that was out of date, slow, and simply difficult to use. The company has upgraded its canned software system designed for companies in their industry. It was an excellent package with a lot of great features that would definitely be very beneficial to all employees.

However, due to poor training, employees hated the new software. They aspired to the old system because as difficult as it was, he was familiar. This is the key. They knew how the old system worked and how it related to their daily tasks.

Of the companies I worked with with one of the biggest holes of money, there is a bad software training. Many companies, from the Fortune 100 group to 10-20 employees, believe that the training provided by the software manufacturer is sufficient. This is never because software companies can understand the generalities of your industry, but they never have a complete understanding of how the company conducts its business.

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